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Tips for Caring for Your Pool Before Going on Vacation

There is no greater fear for a pool owner than going on vacation and coming back home to a murky, algae-filled pool. That’s probably the very last thing you’ll want after having enjoyed a relaxing vacation! So if you don’t want to have to deal with the complicated process of cleaning green poolwater, follow the steps below so that you can come back home and dive right in. (more…)

Pool Covers: Are They Necessary?

The end of the summer season brings immense sadness to pool owners who having to close their pools for the rest of the year. With this unfortunate closure often comes the question: “do I need a pool cover?” While pool covers aren’t completely necessary, there are many benefits that come with using one — benefits that you’ll come to find are indispensable for facilitating proper pool maintenance. Below, you’ll find a few reasons as to why you should invest in a pool cover. (more…)

How to Convert your Pool to a Saltwater Pool

Pool season is finally here! If you already have a traditional chlorine pool system and wanted to change it to a saltwater system, fear not — it’s not too late! Contrary to popular belief, changing your chlorine pool into a saltwater pool is easier than ever. To understand the process, let’s first get into the basics. (more…)

Cleaner Water With Pentair’s Bioshield® UV Sterilizer

The most important thing when owning a pool is to always ensure that you are keeping it free of harmful bacteria, algae, and debris. This can obviously take a toll on anyone, since a lot of the time you could be spending in your pool will be spent cleaning it instead. However, with a UV system for pools, like the BioShield UV Sterilizer, you can cut that maintenance time and lavishly spend your summer days being exactly where you should be: in your pool! (more…)

The World’s Largest Pool is in Chile

Those of you who enjoy marathon-length laps in the swimming pool would surely enjoy taking a dip in Algarrobo’s Pool. Situated in the the Valparaiso region in Chile, it was named the World’s Biggest Pool by the Guinness Book of Records. (more…)

How to Choose the Best Pool Heater or Heat Pump

Pool Heaters or Heat Pumps are especially beneficial if you want to start using your pool in early spring or late fall to maximize your time in the water. It is therefore important to be informed when choosing the right heater for your pool.