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Variable Speed Pump: Save up to 80% on Your Energy Costs!

Pool pumps are a critical component to upgrading or installing a pool in your backyard. If you are still on the fence about which pool pump would be best suited for you, look no further! A new pool pump has hit the shelves at JF Piscines that could save you up to 80% in energy […]

The World’s Largest Pool is in Chile

Those of you who enjoy marathon-length laps in the swimming pool would surely enjoy taking a dip in Algarrobo’s Pool. Situated in the the Valparaiso region in Chile, it was named the World’s Biggest Pool by the Guinness Book of Records.

How to Choose the Best Pool Heater or Heat Pump

Pool Heaters or Heat Pumps are especially beneficial if you want to start using your pool in early spring or late fall to maximize your time in the water. It is therefore important to be informed when choosing the right heater for your pool.